Conor Keegan Photography

'We Will Not Sit Down And Be Quiet' Portrait Series

I had the honor of capturing powerful portraits for the "Advocacy through the Arts" project, which gave a voice to advocates who have spent their lives in Ireland's institutionalized disability care sector. Through my work, I aimed to portray the strength, resilience, and humanity of these individuals as they stood shoulder to shoulder, claiming their rights and demanding respect. 

The portraits, along with a film installation, were exhibited at the historic Pearse Museum and followed with further exhibitions at the Rua Red Gallery. 

It was a privilege to be part of this impactful project that challenged societal biases and advocated for the full inclusion and dignity of people with disabilities.


We Will Not Sit Down...

Portrait series and documentation of the project's opening day  

Gaza Monologues Revisited

A solidarity project for the people of Palestine

Dublin at Night

A photo series of Dublin's cityscape 


Studio photoshoots for projects and assignments

Red Carpets

Glitz and glamour at the red carpet


A collection of birthday celebrations

Who is Conor Keegan?

My name is Conor Keegan and I am a passionate photographer with a keen eye for capturing life's precious moments. As a final year Media Production and Digital Arts student, I have honed my skills in photography, turning what began as a hobby in 2018 into a lifelong pursuit.

With over 6 years of experience in photography and more than a decade of expertise in the wedding industry, photography has become a means for me to document the world around me, with my particular style putting an emphasis on the people and relationships that shape our lives. My work is centered around capturing the essence of this with a documentary style approach, whether it's in the joyous celebration of a wedding, the intimate gatherings of family and friends, or the every day. 

What sets my work apart is the meticulous attention I pay to post-processing. I believe that every photograph has the potential to be even better, and through a distinct style, I bring out the best in each to create memories that are unmatched.

I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand my portfolio that further push my creativity and expand my knowledge and experience.

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